WELCOME TO THE JO JONATHAN HOMEPAGE is an eclectric fusion of blues, southern rock and world rhythms. Traditional driving grooves with soulful blues guitar, steaming sax solos and vocals are the essence of their sound. Guitarist, multiinstrumentalist, vocalist Jo Jonathan has toured the world with top name stars of the Blues and is for more than fourty years on the road. After studying Music in Germany Jo Jo worked and lived in the Bay Area before moving to Florida. Traditional forms with unique cultural experiences, Jo Jonathan is a roots rocking band with a worldbeat edge. THE BAND DISCOGRAPHIE
The Red Album 1990


Plays Classics  1993


Live unplugged mit diversen musikalischen Begleitern
1994 USA/ Shreeveport, St. Petersburg, Halifax CAN

kick the bucket mit Randall Thomas und Jamie Laydon
1995 / USA Helga Bass und Keys

Orange Blossom Trail / USA mit Helga Walter, Larry and Randall Thomas, Pete Burke on Hammond B3
1996 USA

1997 USA, electronic blues all by myself.

2001 USA never released


HomeStyleCooking 2010 mit
Helga Walter, Bass
Ringo Hirth, Drums
Hicham El Quahdani, Percussion
Stefan Schöner, Keys

2010 recorded in Germany


Saturday, 3. February Jo Jonathan Duo private
Saturday, 10. February Jo Jonathan & Band, Fabrik Cafe, Hauenstein
Monday, 12. February Jo Jonathan & Band, Bleistift, Saarbrücken
Friday, 16. March Jo Jonathan & Band, Zum Jagschloß, Höningen
Saturday, 28. April Jo Jonathan & Band, Lobberle, Rheinstetten Forchheim
Tuesday, 1. May Jo Jonathan & Band, DGB, Ettlingen, not confirmed
Saturday, 5. May Jo Jonathan & Band, Fuchsbau, Schifferstadt
Friday, 25. May Jo Jonathan & Band, Weingut Bitzel, Winden
Saturday 6. October Jo Jonathan & Band, Bildhaus, Schallodenbach
Sunday 16. December Musikalischer Frühschoppen Vogelbräu Ettlingen
Dear Jo Jonathan friends!
In 2016 and 2017 we were relatively little on tour. The reason was heavy fatalities that hit us out of the blue. In the middle of the preparation for the new, meanwhile 11. Studio CD suddenly and unexpectedly my brother (for many years musical accompanist) Bernhard Walter died, at the age of 58 years. He played alternately guitar, bass and piano. He was one musical backbone of the band. Immediately we were reminded of the year 2003 as during a tour our guitarist and friend Bernhard Mussler only 46 years old died. After that, we could not play live for another year. After Bernhard Walter death left we do not sample, we talked a lot, digging out old pieces by Bernhard and composing pieces for him. This helped us in many ways. When we play he is always with us and sometimes we hear his solos. Bernhard was a funny, humorous, thoughtful, intelligent and kind hearted person. We carry him in our hearts forever.

In autumn, we recorded a live CD with our fans, the best in the world, in Glashütte. Our keyboard player had to go through one family stroke of fate cancel his cooperation at short notice, so we had to search again for a new key player. In Stefan Schöner we have "recovered" him. Stefan already recorded the "HomeStyleCooking" CD and has been in the Band and also in the US with us. Stefan is known to be an excellent musician, solid in all genres between blues, jazz and rock. At Easter we are in the studio, finishing the 11th Jo Jonathan CD and mixing the live recordings from. Just in time for the summer tour she will be released as a double CD. We look forward to the performances and a reunion with you.

Bernhard has been playing since

1973 with me at ICARUS
From 1976 in various dance bands
from 1977 at Melophon

In 1980, we recorded LP LP Vinyl with Melophon, which is still marketed worldwide and has become a herb rock legend.
In 1982 he toured Europe with a disco band and played every day. He came up with 340 performances a year.
From 2008 he played with Jo Jonathan. In between, also in other formations.

Until his death he appeared as a musician. With ANDERSWO he played in 2016 the CD "Stay with you". He played with JO JONATHAN last on October 1, 2016, with ANDERSWO he had his last appearance on the earthly stage.

born on 29.11.1957 in Neuburgweier / Baden
died on 18.11.2016 in Karlsruhe / Baden

Jo Jo Musik
Fon: +49 6335 983134
Mobil: +49 173 663 4992

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